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  • Cardio combat
  • Circuit training
  • Core
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  • Fat Burner
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  • Functional training
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  • Total Body
  • TRX
  • Walking
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  • Zumba
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Total Natural Training a Milano

Total Natural Training – Palestra polifunzionale a Milano – Parkour, Breakdance, Boxe, Pilates, Difesa personale, Thai Boxe, Kung Fu, Ginnastica dolce, arti marziali miste mma

TNT Milano – Palestra polifunzionale di parkour (Milanmonkeys) , boxe, pilates, thai boxe, acrobatica, tricking, difesa personale, arti marziali miste mma, ginnastica dolce, kung fu a Milano, in via val maira 26. Corpo, mente e spirito.

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lunedì: 09:00–22:00
martedì: 09:00–14:00, 16:30–23:00
mercoledì: 09:00–22:00
giovedì: 09:00–14:00, 16:30–23:00
venerdì: 09:00–22:00
sabato: 14:00–19:00
domenica: Chiuso

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